Golden Opportunity

Golden Opportunity


When I did ceremony with this buffalo, I first heard hope, but then it transformed into Golden Opportunity. I’ve activated her third eye, a great place for meditation. There are a lot of energies infused into this symbol- hope, renewal, ying-yang, as above so below, and the dawn of every new day.

Buffalo medicine is about abundance, manifestation, and releasing what is no longer needed. Buffalo supports the manifestation of abundance, and the energies of gratitude.

Buffalo represents the power of the North, a great renewing force. It is the strength of a renewed mind, empowered with wisdom and knowledge. Think of the time of hibernation as a time of renewal of the mind, body and spirit. The power of the North is the power that brings new thoughts, visions and dreams to life.

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These are real buffalo skulls that are sustainably sourced. I get them from a man in Montana who has partnered with a domestic buffalo ranch. He acquires the parts of the buffalo the ranch doesn’t sell, then cleans and treats them with honor and respect.