lyndsay winter.jpg

I am an artist living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson has been my home for almost 30 years, and I love being completely immersed in nature here. Flying down the snow-covered mountains is definitely my happy place! And it is here that I first discovered the calling in my heart to connect with the elements through ceremony and conscious awareness. The art that I create is all about honoring the nature spirits and energy through conscious creation.

My art is ANIMYSTICAL- because I believe that all living things have souls, consciousness and spirit. 
animism (from Latin anima- breath, spirit, life) is the belief that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls. All creatures possess a distinct spiritual essence. ALL things-animal, plants, rocks, rivers, weather, artwork and words- are perceived as animated and alive.

I often work with people's animal totems, according to the Earth Medicine Wheel that was created by Kenneth Meadows, a shamanic counsellor and teacher. I credit his book, Earth Medicine: A Shamanic Way to Self Discovery, for the totem work that I have been doing for 25 years. This is a system that is similar to astrology, except it is based on the cycles and rhythms of the earth, instead of the stars and universe. Based on when we are born, we are influenced by seasons, directions, animals, crystals, plants and the energetic systems of that time...our totems.

I incorporate symbols of these totems into artwork that is infused with intention and energy. I breath life into the art, so that you might use it for growth, meditation, and accessing your own guides. I do shamanic ceremonies with all of my pieces.